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Induction Process

May I first of all welcome and thank you for choosing Ardnahoe Nursery for your child.  Transitions can be very challenging for children, particularly if it is the first time they have been separated from their parent/carer.  In order to provide as much support and to make the transition for children as easy as possible we try, where possible to start one child per morning or afternoon session.  This ensures that the child has the support of his or her keyworker in the playroom/garden and the parent has the support of a member of the management team during the induction meeting.  We also try to ensure the keyworker has one new child per week.  This allows them to spend time with the new child over the week to provide support and get to know them.   

On the first day, while a child is settling in to the playrooms, the parent/carer will begin to complete the child's Care Plan with the keyworker and all other relevant paperwork. 

Forms to be completed

  • Enrolment - Information about child and family
  • Toothbrushing Permission
  • Medical Conditions - Allergies and Dietary Requirements
  • Emergency and Collection Contacts
  • General Permission - Sun Screen, Plasters, Head Lice, Face Painting, Health Professionals etc

The staff member will also discuss the school handbook and explain procedures and policies which operate in the school. 

Please feel free to ask questions or convey any worries you may have during the induction process.  We are there to support you and your child.  

If you have included information in the application form about your child having an additional support need then you will probably receive a phone call prior to your child starting.  This is simply to ensure we are able to support them fully on arrival.  It is therefore important that you share this information with the nursery.  If you have not done so in your application form please phone the nursery to discuss your child's needs.  

Covid-19 has had a impact on how we carry out our inductions, currently they are mainly held outdoors and if necessary under the cover of one of the garage spaces.  Therefore if your child is starting during inclement weather conditions please ensure you and your child both dress appropriately for being outdoors.  

Please do not hesitate to phone 0141 647 8934 prior to your child starting should you have any questions.