Ardnahoe Nursery School
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Induction Process

We try, when possible to start one child per morning or afternoon session.  This ensures that the child has the support of his or her keyworker in the playrooms and the parent has the support of a member of the management team during the induction meeting.

On the first day, while a child is settling in to the playrooms, the parent/s fill in forms to give the staff relevant information about a child. 

Forms to be completed

Enrolment - Information about child and family
Toothbrushing Permission
Medical Conditions - Allergies and Dietary Requirements
Emergency and Collection Contacts
General Permission - Sun Screen, Plasters, Head Lice, Face Painting, Health Professionals etc
Home/School Transition Record - Information about a child's strengths and likes

The staff member will also discuss the school handbook and explain procedures and policies which operate in the school. 

Parents are able to have any queries or worries answered during this time.