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Enrolment Procedures

The names of children aged two and over can be placed on the nursery school register of applications. Children will be admitted to the nursery school at some time after their third birthday whenever a place becomes available.


When your child has been allocated a place, you will be contacted and given information regarding the settling-in procedure which is carefully planned and monitored to ensure both you and your child feel happy and secure in the nursery school. If you are a working parent your child’s carer is welcome to settle him/her.
A full copy of the Admission Policy is available in Entry into Early Years establishments (No3a)
An application form is also available to download and print off from this link.
For information regarding grant funded places please follow this link
You can list a choice of three early years establishments for your child. If your request for your three choices cannot be met due to high demand, you can apply for a place anywhere within Glasgow City Council. Please see the admission policy for panels in Glasgow.
For an alphabetical list of early years establishments run by Glasgow City Council please follow this link
You can find all types of childcare facilities including Council and private early years establishments and childminders by following this link