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Settling In Policy

The settling in programme is flexible to meet the individual needs of each child. Children take their time to settle in a variety of ways. Some children are happy to wave good-bye to their parent as soon as they walk in the door. Others may need their parent with them in the playroom or have a shorter session at first and others will need a lot of support from parents and staff to help them adjust to nursery life. Please be prepared during your child’s first few days at nursery for yourself or another family member to stay with your child. Please stick to the times agreed for your return so that we can reassure your child if they become upset.
It is important that you help your child by keeping to the routine of taking them to their member of staff, helping them to put on their badge, having a chat to the key working at the start of the session. Also, let the member of staff know when you are taking your child from the nursery.
What to wear
Your child will be working with paints, glue and scissors.  We use our outdoor area to plant, run around and make mud.  Clothes that are easy to wash are ideal. 
We encourage independence at all times.  Clothes that are manageable for your child when going to the toilet help prevent 'accidents'.  Pack a little ruck sack with a spare pair of pants, socks, trousers and a T shirt to hang on your child's cloakroom peg, just in case.
We ask that you bring indoor shoes to change in to.  Black plimsolls with elastic or Velcro straps are the cheapest and easiest option.  As we use the garden area regularly, having a pair of wellies for your child to leave in nursery will keep their shoes clean.
Please write your child's name on all clothing and shoes.
Children are allocated to a group and keyworker.  The groups are made up of children from all ages and abilities.   A child may be allocated to a particular group if the keyworker has worked with the family before or if being close to a sibling or friends helps them settle better into the nursery environment. 
The keyworker will be responsible for maintaining the assessment records and profiles of children in the group throughout the year. We operate a 'buddy' system where two keyworkers and groups work closely together so that children have a strong relationship with more than one member of staff.  Children are free to move around the playrooms during a session and work with all children and staff.