Ardnahoe Nursery School
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Primary Schools

Primary Schools

We have two primary schools in our local area.

St Brigid's Primary School
4 Glenmore Avenue
Tel;- 0141 647 3952
Fax:- 0141 647 2745


Toryglen Primary School
6 Drumreoch Place
G42 0ER
Tel 0141 647 4396
Fax 0141 647 6974


School enrolment takes place in January each year.  Your child must be 4 years old by the end of February for them to enrol at school that year.  Enrolment week is usually advertised in newspapers at the start of January.  Please contact your chosen school to find out the exact dates and times for their enrolment process.

Placing Request

If you would like your child to attend primary school out with your own catchment area, then a placing request must be made.  You must still enrol at your catchment area school and explain that you would like to make a placing request.  Notification of the results of placing requests is normally issued by April.