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Ardnahoe Nursery School has a duty to ensure that all our pupils have equal access to the curriculum, supported as appropriate to their individual needs. This covers not only the content of lessons and teaching strategies but also minor adaptations to the physical environment of our building to address the needs of pupils with physical or sensory impairments, including the relocation of classes to the ground floor where feasible. We also need to ensure that parents who have a disability have equal access to information about their children. This could involve, for example, relocating the venue for parents meetings to facilitate physical access at parents evenings or individual interviews; provision of an interpreter for the deaf; agreeing a telephone contact system to provide direct feedback to parents.
Please make the Head of Nursery aware of any requirements you may have.
Physical Access      There is a ramp with railings at the main door. Please ask for assistance with the door when entering or leaving the building. All other areas in the school are level.
There is no lift in this single story building.
Communication       The school adopts a flexible approach to communicating with parents. The school will be happy to make arrangements to talk to parents out with the regular meetings system.
Curriculum               Curriculum for Excellence is being introduced in this school. The eight areas are Health and Wellbeing, Numeracy and Mathematics, Literacy and English, Social Studies, Technologies, Religious and Moral Education, Science and Expressive Arts. Resources are laid out to provide children with easy access and choice. We will take information from the parent/carer to cater for the child’s needs and make reasonable adaptations where necessary.
Staff Development   Staff will be kept up to date on all children/parents and staff who have disabilities. Relevant training will be requested to develop staff in supporting the child.
As a staff, we are committed to including all people, including those with any disabilities in the corporate life of our nursery and will endeavour to ensure that obstacles to inclusion will be dealt with quickly.